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You could say that we know waxing (some might call us obsessed!) And we get that you may be a little nervous in the build up to your treatment. That’s why we’ve created an experience designed to put you at ease.
Now, we are not gonna try and pretend waxing is the most relaxing of treatments. You may never enjoy waxing in the way you would a massage or manicure, but that doesn’t mean you have to dread it.
From the moment you enter our spa you’ll have no doubts that you’re in the hands of a professional.

So visit us at the Wax Haus and Skin spa to learn why we believe ‘Different is Better’.

We’re on a Mission

It’s our mission to provide an unrivaled waxing and skincare experience to every single client. We love to educate our guests and answer any questions they might have. We offer a unique, thorough service that contrasts with the fast approach and poor results that many of our competitors have. We don’t believe in the benefits of the 10-15 minute waxing treatments. They are hard on the skin and rarely deliver thorough hair removal. Instead we choose to offer a premium experience tailored to the needs of our clientele.
Everyone who walks through our door benefits from our consultative and individualized approach, and consistently enjoys incredible results. At the same time we are dedicated to providing best-in-sector training to other estheticians and spa owners who wish to provide the best possible service to their own clients.

Hard Wax with a Soft Touch!

We specialize in advanced waxing techniques, using Hard Wax - a unique product that is gentle for the skin. Using a gentle but effective technique our esthetician will remove 100% of your unwanted hair. Our aim is ‘no hair left behind’ and thanks to the advanced techniques we use, we can accomplish this without the discomfort often associated with waxing.

The benefits of Hard Wax:

  • minimum discomfort

  • longer, lasting results

  • suitable for sensitive skins

  • prevents ingrown hair and breakage

  • minimum redness and irritation

  • high-end quality with soothing, natural ingredients

** Take a look on "FAQ" page for more information **


Please use SPF products after all wax services. Waxing services will not be performed on clients using the following medications. These medications weaken the skin and will potentially cause the skin to tear : 

  • Retin-A

  • Accutane

  • Diferin

  • Tazarac

  • Avage

  • Presciption strength AHA's (glycolic, lactic, salicylic)

  • Isotretinoin

*Facials or waxing services will not be performed on anyone with a current cold sore breakout (Herpes Simplex I).


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Deep Breath… There’s really nothing to fear! Just book yourself in for an appointment with the ‘Experts in the Haus’.

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