At the heart of our business is Dee – a passionate esthetician and trainer. With over 17 years of experience in the spa industry Dee has a unique knowledge of her vocation. A graduate of the Elizabeth Grady School of Esthetics, Dee has also supplemented her knowledge with ongoing training from many leading skin lines and wax companies.

Her services include waxing, firmly focused on “The hard wax method”, anti-aging treatments and acne facials.
She also owns her own line of high-end Mineral Make-up products, ideal for oily/acneic skins.

Her scientific approach, passion for waxing and skincare is what makes her the best in her field.
Dee’s passion shines through in every aspect of her work - from the customized service she offers to each client, to her love of training others professionally.

Learn ‘The Hard Wax Method’

In addition to offering unparalleled services to our own clients, Dee - our expert esthetician - also offers training to other professionals keen to improve their own standards of service.
‘The Hard Wax Method’ is a unique training program with a focus on the expert use of the Hard Wax techniques – not a specific wax brand.

No other company provides 'Hard Wax Method Training' that is focused on the techniques and education of the Esthetician; we are revolutionizing the industry!

These classes are suitable for:
·         High-end spas
·         Resorts
·         Hotels
·         Esthetic schools
.         Spa owners
·         Other industry professionals looking to learn the best techniques or improve theirs

It’s important to understand that this method is all about quality. I don’t provide, teach or endorse the ‘10 minute wax’ approach used by many other California spas and salons. Instead I focus on the best techniques that deliver silky smooth results, while I genuinely care for the client’s skin and education.

Dee, the owner of "Wax Haus and Skin" is offering Advanced Hard Wax Techniques training classes. Located in San Diego CA. I teach at my location or I can travel to your location.

My vision

I envision a time when the “Wax Haus and Skin” will be recognized throughout the whole southern California region and Nation as a center of excellence - both for treatments and for training.

I hope that a time will come when all spas will offer a level of service to match mine. To further this aim I am committed to share my expertise through ‘The Hard Wax Method’ training program. As the knowledge of best-practices and hard wax methods spreads more widely, I hope to see standards rise throughout the sector.