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Welcome to Wax Haus and Skin

We are San Diego’s premier provider of advanced waxing and skincare treatments. We offer our expert services to both male and female clients of all ages. If you’re looking for something more than the typical 10 minute waxing service then you’ll appreciate our ‘Different is Better’ approach.
We use carefully developed waxing techniques and only apply hard wax, but with a soft touch, for a process that's gentle on the face and body. Our focus is your Experience, Education and Results. 

We are looking forward to sharing our wonderful knowledge with you.
Dee, the owner, has created the unique "Hard Wax Methods” education and training program, with advanced hard wax techniques. Visit our “About” page for more information.

It’s all About You!

Your satisfaction and convenience is our number one priority. We are centrally located in the heart of Hillcrest San Diego, we are open till late, and we have a great online booking system.
We’re focused on providing:
· A professional, no-rushed service, tailored to your needs and skin type
· An educational experience where you’ll learn so much about waxing and skincare advice for any questions or concerns you might have
· Results that you won’t believe. "No hair left behind" is our goal
. You'll leave with a newfound understanding of waxing, skin care and an appreciation for waxing services
For a clearer picture of the levels of service and unbelievable results we provide, be sure to check-out our glowing online reviews.

If you have any questions or further inquiries, give us a call or email us.


We’ll start with a mini-consultation – to be sure we fully understand your needs. We ask all clients to complete our client form – either online or on arrival at the spa. Don’t worry – it’s not an exam. We’ll just ask you about any skin problems or concerns you may have and whether you use any medications that may react with the wax.


Next we’ll take you through to our comfortable and private treatment room. Naturally you’ll need to remove some clothing (for the appropriate services) – but don’t panic – you’ll be in the hands of a professional. We’ve seen it all before, and to us it’s just skin and hair. So please, don’t be embarrassed, we will do our best to put you at ease.

The wax experience

To ensure the best result your esthetician will carefully prepare your skin before applying the wax. The wax is applied in small patches and warm rather than hot – for a comfortable experience. The wax patches peel away cleanly from the skin – and voila! A hair-free result.

We do Smiles not Screams

We don’t just want to change your view of waxing – we want to revolutionize it. You’ll look back on your appointment and think...
1) Where was the pain?
2) Wow! I’ve never felt so smooth.
3) I learned some great things today!
4) I can’t believe I was so scared.


So, you’ve faced your waxing demons and lived to tell the tale. Now you’ll be dying to show off your silky smooth skin – and share your new knowledge of all the skin secrets you learned. We are sure we will be seeing you again but we’d love to get to know your friends and family too. So don’t be shy; spread the word.

Let’s do this!

Deep Breath… There’s really nothing to fear! Just book yourself in for an appointment with the ‘Experts in the Haus’.

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