What's your skin type?

By “skin type”, I mean what you inherited from your mama and papa and not a “skin condition”, such as rosacea, dehydration or acne. It’s generally accepted that there are five different skin types: normal, oily, dry, sensitive and combination.

Now, having said that, there are many factors that affect the condition of the skin: hormones, weather, pollution, diet and stress, just to name a few. Your skin condition may change according to these elements, but the natural tendency of your skin will remain the same. For example, you may have an oily skin type, but because of the dry weather and improper hydration, your skin might get dehydrated and feel dry.

Let’s briefly go over each skin type:

  • Normal skin is supple and well balanced, not too oily or too dry

  • Oily skin is shiny, with larger pores and is more prone to acne

  • Sensitive skin is usually dry and can easily become red and irritated

  • Dry skin will be flaky, dry and will feel tight. Complexion will be dull and pores will be smaller

  • Combination skin is usually oily through the T-zone, which includes the forehead, nose and chin. The skin around the cheeks and eyes will be dry

Recommendations for each skin type

Oily Skin
-Wear an oil-free sunscreen. Sun exposure increases oil production.

-Switch to Mineral makeup only. It’s ideal for oily/acne skins.

-You must use a moisturizer daily but be sure it’s suitable for your oily skin. When your skin “feels” is dry on the surface, will produce more oil within 4 hours after cleansing, be open for bacteria and cause you to have more acne blemishes.

-Don’t over-cleanse. If you do, you stimulate more oil production and disrupt the P.H of your skin. Two times per day is enough, followed by a light moisturizer.

Dry Skin
-Stay away from mineral oils, lanolin and synthetic fragrances.

-Increase fluids.

-Use a gentle, non-foaming cleanser, only at night, not in the morning.

-Also add a serum to your daily routine before your moisturizer and a face scrub to gently exfoliate dead skin cells.

Sensitive Skin
-Stay away from synthetic fragrances, parabens, harsh exfoliation products and treatments.

-Invest in a great skin line that has ingredients to strengthen your capillaries and prevent further damage. Be careful with over exfoliation.

-Use a mask weekly that has soothing ingredients. Store it in the refrigerator along with your face moisturizer and serum!

-Always apply sunscreen (30+) at least thirty minutes before you leave the house. Most sunscreens take that long before they become active and protect you.

-Always test products on a small area before using all over your face.

-Use cool water to cleanse the skin, especially at the end of every shower.

Combination Skin
-T-Zone tends to be more oily so use a lighter moisturizer there and a medium consistency on the rest of the face to make sure you’re feeding your skin properly.

-Use the appropriate products for each area of your face.

-Cleanse, moisturize and hydrate your skin twice a day. Exfoliate twice a week.

It’s important to use the proper skin care products for your particular type of skin. Using the wrong products or ingredients can aggravate your skin and make any skin condition you may be dealing with worse.

The best person to discuss your needs is your Esthetician! We are well educated and have great insights.

Schedule a custom facial right now and discover your skin type, the best home care regimen and proper skin habits for your skin type.

Diamando Perivolaris

Hard Wax Expert, Wax Trainer/Educator