Make Up & skin tips and Tricks

Makeup (depending on the ingredients of the products you use) can be your best friend or your worst enemy. With so much information out there, it’s hard to know who you can trust. Well, as your friendly and trusted skin care professional, let me guide your way.

As a beauty professional and makeup artist, I’ve learned a trick or two along the way. Before we get into it, let’s see how much you know about makeup.

True or False?

  • You shouldn’t wear eyeshadow the same color as your eyes?

    False: Contrasting colors will make your eyes pop more, but wearing the same color as your eyes makes a bold statement

  • When choosing a foundation, you should match it to your jawline, hand or cheek?

    False: Matching it to your neck will give you the best indication of which foundation matches your natural skin tone

  • Your concealer should be lighter than your foundation?

    False: Lighter concealers will actually bring more attention to what you’re trying to cover up

  • Anyone can pull off red lipstick?

    True: With so many different shades of red, there’s something for everyone

Here are some beauty tips and tricks to try:

  1. Hydrated lips: To make sure your lips are smooth and lipstick ready, use a baby toothbrush to exfoliate your lips. Apply a hydrating lip balm at night before you fall asleep

  2. Bigger eyes instantly: Apply white eyeliner to the waterline of your eye

  3. Lower lashes: Hold a plastic spoon under your lower lashes when applying mascara, it will shield the skin from the mascara

  4. Under eye de-puffing: Hold a cold can of juice under your eyes for one minute to reduce puffiness. Place two teaspoons in the freezer and use them around your eyes when you wake up

  5. Eye opener: Use colored eyeliner to open up the eyes

  6. Chiseled cheekbones: Make a fish face and apply bronzer in the hollow of your cheeks. Next, apply a highlighting powder to the apples of your cheeks and up to your temples.

  7. Slimmer nose: Apply foundation as usual and then apply a highlighter down the middle of your nose

Above all, the most important makeup tip is this: DO NOT SLEEP WITH YOUR MAKEUP ON! If you do this often it will clog your pores, dry out the skin, deepen wrinkles and basically age your skin at a more rapid pace. Who needs that?! So, no matter how tired you are or how many glasses of wine you’ve had, take a few minutes and wash your face.


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